CTP prize wheel detail

I know you are going to like this because the world of TimTech has just become even more exciting.

Now when you complete a Mini Prize Card by collecting the special game pieces at any of the nerd surf sites you now get to spin the special prize wheel of awesome sauce.

This is what the new wheel looks like:

Tim Tech prize wheel

As you can see there are some really cool prizes on there including tokens, experience points, batteries and real cash.

There are four special new symbols which automatically turn into game pieces for a new Mini Prize Card…the Cash Prize Card.

The new cash card looks like this:

TimTech cash spinner mini game card

Simply fill it with the missing pieces you can gain from spinning the prize wheel.

TimTech Cash Spinner winner mini prize card

Then when you have completed the Cash Spinner mini game card you get to spin yet another new wheel – where you are guaranteed to win a cash prize.

There is one other way to get to the guaranteed cash prize wheel and that is to hit the Jackpot on the first prize wheel and that takes you directly to the cash prize wheel.

This is what the cash prize wheel looks like:

TimTech all cash prize wheel

No wonder Tim is so excited:

Video credit: Tim Linden.

And here is one of the first winners of the new prize wheel.

Video credit: JohnFromCTP

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